Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brian Atene

Remember that Brian Atene video? "Good day, Mr. Kubrick..." God, I popped like 26 boners the first time I saw that thing! It was so full of the awkward, clueless douchebaggery of youth. You laughed, mostly. But you also cringed at uncomfortable moments of identification with a precocious kid taking himself way too seriously.

He could have been the James Dean of cringeworthy web videos, leaving behind a tantalizingly slim body of work that made you wonder longingly at what might have been.

And then he had to come along and ruin everything, by making another video.

It's not that he got old. We all do. It's not that he still can't act.

It's that he now attempts some ironic detachment from his former self, disowning the operatic idiocy of his salad days.

So, Brian Atene of 1984, I will treasure you always.

Brian Atene of the present day, go fuck a duck.


Bob Fingerman said...

I'm gladdened by seeing this new clip for one reason: there was a rumor that the other one was a fake. I didn't buy that, but this new clip proves the other was legit. Yay. He can never undo the genius of that 1984 one.