Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kenneth Eng

This teeny-tiny picture of Kenneth Eng is the only one I could find. Possibly because he is a teeny-tiny piece of shit. But boy howdy is he full of hate. See his recent screed about black people.

(Update: the SF Gate article is no longer available. Amuse yourselves with Fuckhead's wikipedia entry.)
Dude. Racism is wrong, even if you are a victim of it.

Seriously, this is even worse than going pee-pee in somebody's Coke.


Bob Fingerman said...

See, I think he's so blind to his own assholeism that he's missed the point. If people ostracized him it was no doubt because he's a loathsome horrible person. But he thinks they hated him because he's Asian. Sorry, dude, they just hated you because you're a miserable prick.