Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Gang of Four

Hell has no dungeon deep enough for these guys:

Mark Finch, President and Chief Executive Officer

Glen Finch, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Chris Morley, Chief Communications Officer

Audrey Ragg, Chief Financial Officer

They're the guiding lights behind, a fried abortion of a social networking site that recently raped my Gmail address book and spammed my friends. I had been invited to join Quechup by a good friend, the COO of a smart new-media enterprise. With that pedigree, I figured it was probably on the level.

If I unintentionally bugged any of you with these asinine invites, I'm sorry. If it'll make you feel any better, drop those iDate fucks a line and let them know how you feel.

And yeah, (cf. Ann Coulter) I know one of these guys is a chick. But in all fairness, she's probably a really ugly chick. With a flat ass and a gut and piggy little eyes and a twat full of cobwebs.

I couldn't find any pictures, and I was too lazy to look for a picture of, like, four assholes or something. So, yeah. Quechup is annoying. iDate is evil.

Prager, I still love you anyway.