Thursday, May 17, 2007

Low-Hanging Fruit

All right. It's hardly a bold move to hate this retard. But let's pretend we're in court, and I have to read my dislike of President Bush into the record. It's strictly pro-forma.

I won't be happy until this Yalie shitbird leaves the White House like a suspect on COPS: drunk, in his boxers, with puke on his shirt and with his wife weeping in a housecoat and slippers. (Oh fuck you - I have no sympathy for Laura Bush. She's a schoolteacher for chrissakes. She should have smelled stupid within five minutes of meeting this douchetruck.)

And is he drinking again? I hear rumors. Jesus Christ, I hope so. And hey, Georgie, do a couple rails while you're at it. Maybe somebody will YouTube that shit.