Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sergeant James Kuehnlein

Have you seen this video? Some kid pulls into a parking lot and this bloated shitwad cop thinks he has an easy mark to help fill his ticket quota. Why do any actual police work when you can sit on your unwiped ass and screw over an innocent motorist?

God damn it, few things piss me off more than cops abusing their authority. Not simply because it's a dick move, but because by doing so they erode the respect that good cops deserve. Petty arrogant fucks like Sgt. Kuehnlein are an insult to the real heroes who risk their lives for public safety.

Come to think of it, that pig is too cute for this entry. Pigs are adorable. Can somebody Photoshop me a bucket of shit with a badge on it?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Gang of Four

Hell has no dungeon deep enough for these guys:

Mark Finch, President and Chief Executive Officer

Glen Finch, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Chris Morley, Chief Communications Officer

Audrey Ragg, Chief Financial Officer

They're the guiding lights behind, a fried abortion of a social networking site that recently raped my Gmail address book and spammed my friends. I had been invited to join Quechup by a good friend, the COO of a smart new-media enterprise. With that pedigree, I figured it was probably on the level.

If I unintentionally bugged any of you with these asinine invites, I'm sorry. If it'll make you feel any better, drop those iDate fucks a line and let them know how you feel.

And yeah, (cf. Ann Coulter) I know one of these guys is a chick. But in all fairness, she's probably a really ugly chick. With a flat ass and a gut and piggy little eyes and a twat full of cobwebs.

I couldn't find any pictures, and I was too lazy to look for a picture of, like, four assholes or something. So, yeah. Quechup is annoying. iDate is evil.

Prager, I still love you anyway.