Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey, you fucking idiot

I haven't watched you on TV in a long time. I have a hard time looking at your alkie-puffy face or listening to your increasingly slurred speech without wanting to break something. But I had a hunch you'd offer some good entertainment last night, and boy was I right.

It used to piss me off when I'd see you leaning on the podium with one elbow. But the way you clutched the fucking thing last night made up for that and more. I'm a huge fan of people looking uncomfortable on TV, and your party has the market cornered on that shit right now.

So, yeah. Thanks for the laughs. Now fuck off, will you? The country's about to burn down and the grownups have to go to work now.

P.S. - nobody likes you. Not even your Xanax addict wife or your whore daughters.