Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lou Engle

If you've never heard of this ass clown, it's probably because you live in the 21st century. Lou runs The Call, a never-ending religious carnival of hatred and hysteria. The Call is ramping up for a big rally in San Diego on November 1st, part of a campaign to deny civil rights to same-sex couples. And as you can see in this promotional video, Lou is really worked up about it:

This isn't religion - it's a monster truck rally where people scream for a magic giant who lives in the sky to come down and crap on gays.
  Look, I know a lot of people who play Dungeons & Dragons, so I know how much fun it can be to have an imaginary friend. The difference, though, is that the D&D players don't want me punished because I choose not to play by their manual. But Lou? Fuck that "tolerance" shit: He says "this is a time to resist mightily the spirit of peaceful coexistence and apathetic resignation in the face of this prevailing darkness."
  Do me a favor and donate to No on Prop 8, will you? Good kid.