Monday, October 27, 2008

New Prop 8 ad helps people who are too stupid to defend their choices themselves

This ad is amazing. Instead of preparing its audience to defend California's Prop 8 in a reasonable exchange of ideas, it just points to a web site. "I just vote how I'm told to vote. Look at this web site and you'll vote that way too."

And not for nothing, but have you noticed that the people in ads opposing Prop 8 are just generally better looking than these douchebags? The girl in this spot is not nearly hot enough to be so stupid. I work in television, and I know these things. There is an immutable hotness-to-stupidity ratio that producers ignore at their peril.


Peter Grumbine said...

can you edit in a giant car crash at the end, maybe with a big gas tanker that bursts into flames? And then maybe have her charred corpse be marched over by the entire WeHo Halloween parade.

Dutchman said...

that was amazing

i can't believe they would portray themselves so honestly

"you know I'm no good at arguing this stuff"

holy cow

btw- your blog is fantastic