Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Officer Art Michel: my diagnosis

Schmuck Alert Central introduces us to Officer Art Michel of the Oakland, CA school district police force. A local photojournalist allegedly hits the cop's cruiser with her elbow, and the fat fuck goes ballistic. The video must be seen to be believed.

Abuses of police authority like this drive me insane, because - aside from being hugely douchey - they erode the respect that good cops deserve. Petty rage puppets like Ofc. Michel are an insult to the uniform.

But why is he the way he is? I suggest that Michel's anger issues stem from either:
a) impotence, or
b) an increasingly troublesome, conflicted, repressed homosexuality
Hey, look. Don't shoot the messenger. I just call them as I see them.
[Thanks, Boing Boing!]


Anonymous said...

Well, he is a very sick man. I have known him over 25 years. He quit his job so as to NOT have them go deep into his past with the Oakland Police force. Oh my, what they would find if they started digging!!! And the first step would to gather ALL those who worked under him and make them talk!!!

Anonymous said...

I've known him 20 years and I must say he is one of the kindest and most loving people I have ever known. Yeah he has made mistakes but does anyone talk about all the great things he has done? Like the fact that he has saved drowning children before? Of course not. Let's just focus on the negative. You don't know him personally or the whole story. Also, he has a beautiful wife whom he has two young children with, so impotence definitely isn't a problem although it may be for you hun.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Dear you DO NOT know him. I guess you don't know how he abused his third wife for twenty years only to leave her (Oh while he made a baby with this one while still at home with her). He has bragged about inflicting terrible harm on innocent people because they were black! You are a liar. If you really knew him, you would run! Art, I'll bet this was you who posted the last one. You even lie under oath. I hope they start calling everyone into court. Your day is coming!!! Told you so!

Shannon said...

Art Michel is the most stand-up person I know. Anonymous comments from people acusing him of things that flat out aren't true (see May 8 comment - it's complete B.S., not a word of truth)are typical of reactionary biased people with an axe to grind. (What's the matter? Been arrested by him a few times?) There's nobody outside my family I'd trust more with my kids for their well-being and protection. For anybody to be an effective cop in Oakland (an absolute sh*thole of a city) you have to be a hardass. More power to him. If there were more cops busting heads it would help straighten out that dump someday since the predominantly uncivilized inhabitants won't do it themselves. Why doesn't the Hater who operates this website try doing something positive by ridding the city of the people commiting the rapes and robberies, instead of the officers who have actually saved lives? It's because this website's owner is too much of a coward.