Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Profiles in Fucking Idiocy: Rep. Paul Broun

Obama is a Nazi Communist and he's building a private army!

Congressman Paul Broun, a doughy, inbred moron from the great state of Georgia, says that under our scary new black President, "we may have a problem with... radical socialism or Marxism." Then he mentioned Hitler. Three times. "I'm not comparing him to Hitler," Brouny added. "What I'm saying is there is the potential."

Since "Republican from Georgia" is legally recognized as synonymous with "retard," I won't waste anybody's time attempting to explain here the difference between Marxism and Nazism. But hey, douchebucket, where were you when Dick Cheney and his boys ganged up to do to the Constitution what Joel Schumacher did to the Batman franchise?

This nitwit also professes a deep and abiding faith in his personal savior, Jesus Christ. And he's happy to bring it up whenever it's politically expedient.

UPDATE! Broun launched a crusade against pornography on military bases. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?