Monday, November 17, 2008

Seriously, Gore?

Gore Vidal's diaper is in a bunch over an interview he recently gave to the Spanish language edition of Vanity Fair. At issue, near as I can figure, is his own discomfort with being outed as a racist.

Decrying the sorry state of public discourse, the old fart rhapsodized about societies that nurtured the growth of ruling elite classes. He described Harry Truman as a helot, which is what Spartans called their slave underclass.

He has a huge boner for Douglas MacArthur, calling him "Shogun, the Mikado... a character from Shakespeare." Oh, pull your skirt down, Gore. Quoting from Mac Daddy's farewell address at West Point, he sniffed that "nobody in America gives a speech like that anymore."

At this point, journalist Andrew Gumbel had the temerity to suggest that Barack Obama is an eloquent speaker. And Gore said - are you sitting down? - “Slaves have a hard time making poetry, unless it’s got a beat.”