Monday, December 1, 2008

Medal peddler

Who is Rick Warren, and why is he giving George W. Bush, of all people, something called the International Medal of PEACE?

Warren is the husky hustler behind Saddleback Church, a non-denominational mega-theo-plex where John McCain and Barack Obama were somehow obliged to come cap in hand and dance for the evangelical screwball vote

When Pastor Rick says "peace," he doesn't mean an absence of war, or a freedom from civil disturbance, or any other definition that a normal rational person would employ. PEACE is an acronym - kinda like USA PATRIOT is an acronym. And it's not even a very good one. The "P" stands for "promoting reconciliation." 

I can't even be bothered to type what the "EACE" means. Warren deserves a kick in his fat ass for working this hillbilly religious con into political discourse, and Bush deserves a fucking prison cell.