Monday, December 29, 2008

Not all guys named Gore are smart

The Conservative Outpost's big giant Drew McKissick is almost always wrong about everything. But at least you can follow the logic of his arguments. Drew's colleague Gary Gore, by contrast, is just bonkers.

Noting the trend among print and broadcast news organizations to scale back their Iraq war coverage - due in part to the expense of maintaining overseas bureaus - Gary babbles:
Ironic, how that sluggish economy excuse can be noted for the lack of coverage in Iraq military victory. Aren't these the same networks that have been trying to pin the "Recession" label on President Bush for, seemingly, the last 4 years now?

Okay, so reporting that the economy is a factor in a network's decision to scale back war coverage obviates the argument that Bush is responsible for said fucked economy... how, exactly?

I miss you, Drew.


Anonymous said...

The point made seems obvious. The same liberal mainstream media that started backing out of Iraq as soon as the surge strategy began to show fruits of success, has been poo-poo'ing the economy since 2005. The timing of their "exit strategy" in Iraq, considering the U.S. military's success, and using the poor economy as an excuse to cut expenses in Iraq now rings hollow.