Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, for crap's sake

I don't give a rat's ass what happens to most people in this world, but you'd better not let me catch you harming an animal. Yeah, it's weird. Blow me.

Pennsylvania SPCA officers found some sick freak selling "gothic kittens" - with ear, neck and tail piercings - out of her home.

Why are people so fucked up? And may I hit them?

[Black Metal Kittens via LinerNotes]


Will said...

Seriously man, what the fuck. I'm of the same mind. People can do whatever they want to each other, but they better not harm any adorable (non-delicious) animals!

Bob Fingerman said...

Because kittens love having holes punched in their ears, noses, wherever. And having thick chunks of metal making their delicate ears droop like the wilted lace kerchiefs their asshole Goth owners flounce around.

They probably don't give them catnip, either. More likely they just make the kitties smoke those vile clove cigarettes all those douchenozzles love so much.