Thursday, December 11, 2008

We link, because we love

Oh crap! The Japanese can photograph your thoughts! 
Death by bacon! (Holy Taco)
Not for the squeamish (Street Boners and TV Carnage)
That's right, I said, "custom squirrels" (J Walk)
Forget About Everything. And see that you do. (Vimeo)
The Dark Knight's day job (G4)
What's worse than Krampus? You don't wanna know! 
Warning: This Corvette ad may make you want to kill somebody (Sunday Onanism)
George W. Bush's common-sense new drug plan 
Dang, who knew Frankenstein had such a sweet tush? 


Bob Fingerman said...

That child is one of the most unnerving looking creatures I've ever seen.