Saturday, November 22, 2008

Openly black rapper releases new album

Despite the success of his first album, The People Vs., Detroit rapper Trick Trick anticipates that his sophomore effort, The Villain, will have limited appeal. Mr. Trick has been marginalized, he believes, because he lives openly as a black man. With lyrics like, "he's a fuckin' faggot so I'm lettin' off my AK," the artist returns to the themes he explored to such effect on his first solo album and in individual tracks produced with white rapper Eminem.

While some regard Trick's race as a sinful lifestyle choice, the rapper insists that many people are just born that way. Rather than hide his true identity, Trick courts controversy with overt displays of blackness: getting crunk, hitting skins with bitches and hos, and busting caps in faggots' asses. In this regard, The Villain is as much a cri de coeur for tolerance and acceptance as it is a musical abortion that nobody will buy.

The Villain is in stores now.