Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Thank you, Sarah Palin"

"Governor Sarah Palin; a grateful nation wishes to thank you... for your passionate, hopeful and articulate advocacy of common-sense conservative values."

This is hilarious! Really great stuff. Who are you guys? Funny or Die? College Humor? 
Wait, what? This isn't a joke? You're serious


General Sawasdipol has prepared one dance

Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol is famous in Thailand for his Rambo-style raids on Communist insurgents. But he has just been redeployed - as an aerobics instructor. 

"The army chief wants me to be a presenter leading aerobics dancers," Gen. Sawasdipol complains. "I have prepared one dance. It's called the 'throwing-a-hand-grenade dance.'"

This guy is awesome.

Fancy college lady doesn't know how teh ghey works

Gay Americans are not being granted fewer rights than their straight counterparts - technically, a gay man does have the right to enter into a marriage with a woman.
Wow. I dropped out of a really shitty college, and even I know that's not how you be gay. Lucy's parents should get a refund.