Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maybe She's a Diabetic Because She Hates Brown Sugar

Nicole Johnson is some lulzy old beauty queen, or some shit. Anyway, she's scheduled to judge next month's Miss America Pageant, except C-SPAN has some video of her from back in the day with her prissily "not smiling upon" interracial dating:
"Johnson replied, 'Well, I personally wouldn't interracially date. But that doesn't mean that I would frown upon someone else, because I think that we all... we live in a country of freedom. And we all have the freedom to choose whatever we want to follow in our lives and we have to respect that in each other. But, umm, I wouldn't smile upon that in my life or the life of individuals in my family.'"
Yes, Virginia, she is a bigot.

I have a new hero

And his name is Tycho Brahe. He kept an alcoholic moose as a pet, and would force dinner guests to sit in complete silence while his clairvoyant dwarf made predictions.

Is it possible to be in love with a noseless man from the 16th century?

[Thanks, Jedd!]