Monday, January 5, 2009

George & Laura & Dick & Lynn

Okay, so you know how total dickwads really love Bill O'Reilly? I'm that way for Rachel Maddow. I think she might be my Oprah.

Anyway. Rachel's got a wild hair up her ass about Blair House. The President's guest house has traditionally been placed at the disposal of the incoming first family during times of transition. For whatever reason, the place was unavailable in time for Hopey's kids to start school.

Now, me, I don't see such a big deal. But Rachel doesn't like what she's smelling. She's asking viewers who have been invited to functions at Blair House between now and January 15th to email her. I just sent her mine:

(I'm not going.)

I'm off to the goddamn Consumer Electronics Show, so I'll only be posting sporadically this week. Do not tempt the wrath of Caroline in my absence.