Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Okay, Brazil, we get it

You're sexy. Fine. You dance the Forbidden Dance. Can we just take it as read?
A judge in Sao Paolo fined an electronics store for failing to repair a TV set, saying that it deprived the customer of an "essential good."
Fair enough. As an experienced Law & Order viewer I can clearly see there's room for appeal, but it's a valid legal opinion.
But the judge? He wanted to make it sexily clear: "Without it, how can the owner watch the beautiful women on Big Brother, the news or (football)," the judge quipped.
His Honor then looked at the assembled reporters with smoldering eyes and a playful sneer.


Azarão said...

The word the judge uses for "beautiful woman" is "gostosas", which is a bit more rauchy than a court should allow.

John said...

Did we all just learn something as a result of this blog? Wow! Thank you, Azarao, whose name I cannot spell properly on this keyboard!