Thursday, June 28, 2012


As of, let's call it 2:30ish ET, more than 35,000 Facebook users "liked" Michele Bachmann's call to repeal Obamacare. 

You can't argue with numbers like that. 

Or these: 

This was a lazy post. Leave me alone! It's sunny outside. Bye!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plum(ber) loco

Joe the Plumber is of the boldly original opinion that the Holocaust was caused by... gun control laws. 

No, I couldn't make sense of it either. But then a friend wrote: 

I guess it's more politically expedient to argue a lack of guns allowed the Holocaust to happen rather than the truth, that a country full of scared, poor, bigots allowed the Holocaust to happen since…well, that's his base. 

My friend also observed that even his 93-year-old grandma could hit a tomato with a shotgun from 15 feet away. For people who claim to love them some guns, these twats don't seem to know the first thing about using one. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


And turn off that Hannibal Lecter post-murder jizz music! Gah!

Today in DERP

Fox's All-Amurrican music festival...starring England's own Def Leppard. #FoxFail

News quiz!

Is this a news photo of Sheldon Adelson, or a production still from Weekend at Bernie's 7?


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At least they're honest assholes

You know that "sanctity of marriage" and "every kid deserves a mom and a dad" stuff that some people peddle to deny gay people civil marriage equality? Yeah, you're right, of course it's all horseshit.

Thank goodness for the queeah hatahs at Mass Resistance. They finally came out and admitted that they just flat-out think teh ghey is icky.
As long as homosexual behavior is not presented as abnormal, medically dangerous, and morally repugnant we will continue to lose. If other side is allowed to portray homosexuality as normal and natural (but something conservatives simply are “bigoted” about) in their legal arguments, they will always eventually prevail. We cannot concede those points and instead attempt to argue on the basis of “legal” reasoning, the historical “purpose” of marriage, or weak-kneed arguments such as “every child needs a mother and father.” But unfortunately that is exactly what too many pro-family lawyers and pro-family spokesmen do. It’s the “respectable” path. But it’s cowardly, ineffective, and the road to hell (so to speak)…

Thanks for clearing that up, gang! You're still wicked retahded, but at least you quit lying to everybody.

[Thanks to Masshole Sports for the pic!]